Zuhur Habibullaev

Zuhur Habibullaev He was able to change the style of  Tajik art in the sixties of the 20th c. So he has been in the center of the Tajik artistic life for many years.

Habibulloev  is People`s  Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan and Member of the Union of artists of Tajikistan.

He was born in 1932 in Dushanbe. He has had good professional education: graduated from Olimov State art College in Dushanbe in 1953 and Mukhin High industrial-art school in St. Petersburg in 1959.

Habibulloev has been participant of the all USSR, republican and international exhibitions from 1960. His works are held in museums and private collections of Tajikistan, Russia,Europe and Asia.

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Dilorom Shermatova

Dilorom Shermatova

Dilorom Shermatova was born in Tajikistan. Now   living and working in Dushanbe she is one of Tajik most distinguished artists who has exhibited her works in a number of art centers .She graduated from Olimov State Art College in Dushanbe. She is a member of the Artists Union of Tajikistan.

The uniqueness of her art works is in the fact that all her pictures are made of dried pressed rose petals. Each detail of the picture, even (eyes, eyelashes, hair) – are made of dried pressed roses.

Instead of oil she uses natural gamut of colors of these beautiful flowers. And also she makes her artworks with semiprecious stone (frorentine mosaics).

Dilorom’s works represent a new trend in the modern art of Tajikistan. She invites the viewer to go beyond stereotypes, to convey the significance of people’s daily lives and aspirations.

Her works are in private collections in Europe and USA.

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Manzura Uldjabaeva

Manzura Uldjabaeva Born in Leninabad (Tajikistan Soviet Socialist Republic) in 1952.
She graduated from the Republic Art College of Dushanbe in 1974.

From 1974 to 1976- Art Director of the Publishing House “IRFON”
From 1976 to 1993, she worked as Costume Designer of the “Tajikfilm” studio.
Since 1987, she is member of the Cinematographer and Artists’ Union of the USSR.
Since 2004, she is member of the Designers’ Union of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Since 1993 until present, she is professor at Olimov State Art College.

Being a costume designer, Ms. Uldjabaeva created draft costumes for more than 25 movies.

Some of them like “Mysteries of the family”, directed by V.Akhadov, was rewarded during the International Film Festival in Germany in 1984.
“The Stars are shining above tanoor”, a film of S.Rakhimov, was presented during the Film Festival in Cannes.

In 1996, she participated in the design of the uniforms for the Honor Guards under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (authors’ group).

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Farruh Negmat-Zadeh

Farruh Negmat-Zadeh Born in 1959 in Dushanbe, and graduated from Moscow Art School and from Surikov State Art Institute of Moscow (1983).

He is member of the Union of Artists of Tajikistan and has participated in USSR and international exhibitions.

His works are in museums and private collections in The Netherlands, the USA, Syria and North Korea.

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Bakhtiyor Odinaev

Bakhtiyor Odinaev Artist Stage Manager. Born in Khujand and graduated from Olimov State Art College of Dushanbe in 1974. Since 1976, he is the – costumes designer for “Tajikfilm”, “Belarusfilm” and “Mosfilm” studios. Since 1992, he has been a Lecturer of Olimov State Art College. Since 1987, he is member of the confederation of the USSR cinematography Union and of the USSR Union of Artists.

He has participated in national and international exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Europe and CIS countries.

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Azim Mukhamadiev

Azim Mukhamadiev Born in Tashkent in 1943 and graduated from the Art College in Dushanbe in 1963. At present, he is working at the Publishing House in Dushanbe.
He has participated in many artists' exhibitions in the Tajik Republic.

He also designs books of different authors and the textbooks of general education schools.

In 1986, he participated in “The International Fair of books” in Moscow.

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Murivat Bekhnazarov

Murivat Bekhnazarov Muruvat Beknazarov is a painter who transforms the reality into fantastic and exotic world. Picture for him is a plane which he must decorate by expressive and sensuous color.

Beknazarov is Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan and  Member of the Union of artists of Tajikistan.

He was born  in 1943 in the Vanj region of  Gorno-Badakhshon  province. At first he graduated from Olimov State art College in Dushanbe (1965) then he decided to continue education in Estonia and graduated from Estonian Academy of arts in Tallinn (1970). Since that time he has participated in USSR, republican and international exhibitions. His works are held in museums and private collections of Tajikistan, Europe, Asia and USA.

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Zakir Sabirov

Zakir Sabirov

Сабиров Закир Джабирович 16 июня 1951г.р.,образование высшее. Окончил Ленинградский институт театра, музыки и кинематографии (1971-1976)г.г. класс профессора Афанасьева Д.В.

Работал в Государственном Академическом Театре Оперы и Балета им. С. Айни г. Душанбе с (1976-1992)г.г. в качестве художника постановщика и технолога.

Являлся членом Союза Художников СССР.

1981-1983г.г. Творческая командировка в Алжир
1983-1992г.г. Работа в театре оперы и балета им. С. Айни г. Душанбе
1991-1992 г.г. Художественный фонд г. Душанбе.
1992-1997 г.г. (ТПФК) «СОЗ», Директор.
1997-2006 г.г. Свободный художник, изобретатель.

Работает в жанре театральной, станковой и монументальной живописи, прикладного искусства, графика, костюм и .т.д.
Станковые работы и эскизы спектаклей, экспонировались на всесоюзных, республиканских и международных выставках. В том числе в г.Москве в выставочном «Манеж», Театральный Музей им. Бахрушина. В г. Душанбе в выставочном зале Союза Художников и Государственный Музей им. Бехзода. В г. Минске, Алжире, Испании, Италии, Индии и т.д.

1997-2006 г.г. Создан новый стиль «ПАРАЛЕЛИЗМ» и «МАТЕРИАЛИЗМ» в области искусства.
Новый стиль, «ПАРАЛЛЕЛИЗМ» и « МАТЕРИАЛИЗМ», является инновационным проектом в области искусства, материальном культуре и теории искусства.

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Suleiman Sharifi

Suleiman Sharifi Born in 1958 in Dushanbe. Member of the Union of Artists of Tajikistan. Participated in republican and international exhibitions. Works are held in museums and private collections of Tajikistan, Europe,Russian and USA.
E-mail: ssharifi@yandex.ru

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Sabzali Sharif

Sabzali Sharif Sabzali Sharipov (1946). Painter-monumentalist. Mr. Sharipov graduated from the Drama-arts Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 1972. He paints thematic paintings, landscape painting, portraits. He also works in the field of monumental arts and graphic arts; lives in Dushanbe

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Farrukh Khojaev

Farrukh Khojaev Farrukh Khojaev (1960) graduated from Polygraphic Institute in Lvov, Ukraine. Works in the field of graphic arts and painting.

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Ozar Sharifi

Ozar Sharifi Ozar Sharifi was born in Dushanbe on 1986. He graduated from Tajik Art College. Ozar participated in the exhibition of art works of young Tajik painters in Bactria Culture Center. He illustrated the second edition of “Melody of Mountains” by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Personal exhibition in Bactria Culture Center on 2005. Personal exhibition in Kulyab on 2007.

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Queen of the Heat

Zuhur Habibullaev

size:50x60 year:2005 material:oil and canvas

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Indian summer

Ozar Sharifi

size:50x35 year:2005 material:water-colour

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